IDC Analyst Webinar - The Role of Workload Automation

The Role of Workload Automation in Digital Transformation

By Thorsten Müller

CIOs face tremendous business pressures to speed up time to market to deliver new product innovations and provide a higher-quality customer experience while ensuring and improving the reliability and stability of existing and changing IT infrastructure and processes.

See our live webinar and learn how the implementation of a future-proof, real-time, and event-driven workload automation (WLA) solution enables the transformation of DevOps practices.

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Live Webinar Recording:

Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, Management Software & DevOps, IDC
Colin Cocksedge, Director of Product Management, Stonebranch

30 minutes

Short descripton:

As new, modern workload automation features are required for DevOps, the vendor and client partnership becomes more important as each vendor's decisions on IT strategy, road maps, and vision impact the overall success or failure of DevOps. In addition, CIOs must show value from their investments in digital transformation. While DevOps, release automation, and continuous delivery are addressing the areas of time to market and product innovation, IT process automation addresses the reliability and stability needs of a digital strategy.

In this Webinar you can directly hear from the experts how IT Process Automation enables DevOps Automation. Learn how a digital strategy roadmap provides provides reliable, global, and reusable automation services on the IT infrastructure and process level that enable the transformation to DevOps practices, which increases collaboration across traditionally disparate development, IT operations, and infrastructure teams.