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  • Case Study: Bankia improves Workload Automation

    Case Study Automation, z/OS Mainframe, File transfer

    Leading Spanish bank Bankia simplifies automation processing and cross-platform managed file transfer, and improves operational quality immediately. Discover how Bankia improves Workload Automation Environment by replacing IBM Tivoli agent technology with Universal Agent.

  • Data Sheet: Universal Agent

    Data Sheet Automation, File transfer

    Universal Agent is a vendor-independent scheduling agent that modernizes your legacy job scheduling solution. Implementing Universal Agent allows you to maximize your scheduling investment and control costs without adding risk.

  • Data Sheet: UDM Gateway

    Data Sheet Automation, File transfer

    Coordinating your file transfers with the processes that create and consume your data is easy with UDM Gateway. Whether you use the Stonebranch family of workload automation solutions or products from other vendors, UDM Gateway is a valuable addition to your automation toolkit.

  • Data Sheet: Service Offering Portfolio (SOP)

    Our professional services deliver a comprehensive set of services in order to plan, build and run best in class Return on Automation results by exploiting Stonebranch Universal Automation Technology in the best possible way. As a collaborative learning organization our mission is to transfer our IT automation knowledge to you unlocking true potential.

  • Data Sheet: Universal Automation Center

    Imagine a modern, efficient automation solution to drive immediate business processing, manageable from any web-enabled device. Universal Automation Center will allow you to automate your 21st century business processing, securely manage file transfers or extend a legacy scheduling solution throughout the enterprise. With the use of this modern technology, it is now possible to achieve a more intelligent, yet simple, automation solution.

  • Case Study: Groupon eliminates automation downtime

    Case Study Automation, File transfer, Big Data

    Groupon is a worldwide leader in local commerce and merchant solutions. It enables local businesses in more than 500 markets to offer specially targeted deals to consumers in various categories. The company has more than 10,000 employees in 48 countries serving more than 53 million active users and more than 260 million global subscribers. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Groupon is one of the most successful e-commerce businesses. To support German operations, Groupon runs at least 10,000 jobs a day on servers in multiple locations, with 2,000 defined tasks launched by 1,900 triggers.

  • Case Study: United Supermarkets Automates 92%

    Case Study Automation, File transfer, Big Data, DevOps

    For more than nine decades, United Supermarkets LLC has served customers in west and north Texas with well-known stores such as Market Street, Amigos, United Express, and United Supermarkets. To continue this success in a highly competitive industry, the company needed more flexible and agile data processing that could enable self-service access by both technical and non-technical users.

  • Case Study: MotoNovo Finance replaces Cron and Windows

    Case Study Automation, File transfer, Cron

    To support the tremendous growth and the thousands of customers every week, the IT-Team of MotoNovo operates a rising amount of about 100 virtual Windows and Linux servers and various Oracle databases. As a result the delivery of business requirements and the handling of the existing Cron and Windows Scheduling Solution became more and more difficult. Therefore, the management team of MotoNovo was in search of a solution that supported a fully centralized view (single pane of glass) of all relevant processes (i.e. time based, event based) and facilitates the automated control and management of all executions and processes.

  • Case Study: ITERGO cuts costs and boosts efficiency

    Case Study Automation, File transfer

    ITERGO has relied on a wide variety of IT process automation solutions for many years. Management realized it needed to find suitable alternatives for the Workload Automation agents in use in connection with the company's existing Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) in order to exploit savings potential and increase efficiency in a sustainable way.

  • Case Study: KMD simplifies Automation Landscape

    Case Study Automation, File transfer

    Since 2008, KMD has relied on Workload Automation Technology from Stonebranch. However, until now, the distributed batch processing remained untouched. Driven by increasing license costs, challenges in handling, finding and managing job output and the heterogeneous IBM agents portfolio the company made the switch to Stonebranch. KMD had been using Fault Tolerant Agents (FTA), SAP extended agents (x-agents) and z-centric agents. The company needed to update the existing environment to improve visibility, simplify usage and enhance operational efficiency.