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Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) simplifies the way operational staff define and manage end-to-end business processes to achieve maximum acceleration. You should consider switching to Stonebranch to improve visualization of workload processes and take advantage of the most modern and future-proof automation solution.

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The development of Cisco Tidal has become stagnant in recent years and it's unclear if the product will see sufficient support in the future. Don't feel locked into only using Tidal. You can save money and break free from the stronghold vendors try to leverage at Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) renewal time. Stonebranch provides a truly universal job scheduling or

workload automation platform that can be used with any of the marketed scheduling products, other third-party vendor scheduling products and even homegrown solutions. Eliminate the Drawbacks of your Cisco Tidal Solution and take advantage of the future-proof Universal Automation Center.

Achieve Maximum Acceleration for Your Tidal Processes and Eliminate the Drawbacks

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Advanced Product Architecture

UAC has an easy to use Web Interface. No client needed for installation. Dynamic workload triggers allow you to immediately initiate processing based on file, database, and application activity.

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Easy Product Integration

UAC has a central script repository. Moreover, it comes with automatic version control, and supports workload lifecycle management as an inbuilt bundling and promotion tool. Move workload definitions through various environments in a secure, auditable and controlled manner.

direction road sign icon blue outline representing Run Criteria Flexibility of Replacing Cisco Tidal with stonebranch product

Run Criteria Flexibility

Universal Automation Center allows a multitude of simple or even very complex run or skip criteria. Most criteria can be specified directly in Universal Controller on workflow level. No additional calendar definitions required.

security shield icon outline blue representing Highly Secure option of Replacing Cisco Tidal with stonebranch product

Highly Secure

With UAC customers can allow secured access from other IT entities and also and also at the end business user level using the granular security definitions. UAC enables you to restrict access via the Web Interface, the Command Line (including specific commands), and Web Services access.

chart icon outline blue representing Reporting & Forecasting offered by Replacing Cisco Tidal with stonebranch products

Reporting/ Forecasting

Universal Automation Center comes with built-in reports including resources and a wide variety of forecasting reports. From detailed audit information, up to history and activity reports.

gear icon blue outline representing decreased Maintenance Effort involved when you Replace Cisco Tidal with stonebranch product

Less Maintenance Effort

Installation of the complete solution in just a few hours or less. Automatic agent registration allows a dynamic deployment and provisioning to be instantly recognizable and ready for work immediately.

The flexibility of the Stonebranch platform is boundless. We now have automations that can alert on any step of the workflow and page out the proper team to address the failure.

The services provided by Stonebranch during the implementation were excecuted exactly as they said they would. We were very impressed.

Earl Diem, IT Operations Manager, PSCU

PSCU Seamlessly Converts to UAC and Automates their Workflows

Established in 1977, PSCU is America’s leading credit union service organization (CUSO). The company was recognized as CUSO of the Year in 2016 by the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations. PSCU’s products, financial services solutions and service model collectively support over 850 Ownercredit unions representing more than 20 million credit, debit, prepaid, online bill payment and mobile accounts

During a thorough review of their Application Performance Management (APM) program, it was determined that PSCU had many manual processes in the enterprise that was undocumented and that 99% of the time, when a workflow failed, it was the end user that notified them that they had not received their workflow delivery. A decision was made to implement a modern, intuitive enterprise automation solution in order to remediate these issues. “We had outgrown the legacy tool we had been using,” says PSCU IT Operations Manager, Earl Diem. “We conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) with four different companies focusing on solutions in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for workload automation where the core competency of the company was automation.”

Following this intense Proof of Concept (POC), PSCU chose Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center as their new workload automation solution. PSCU migrated every one of their jobs to Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center and totally automated their finance workflows, completing the project six weeks ahead of schedule and on budget.

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Transition Roadmap - The Seven Steps

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1. Initiate and Setup

Project definition and implementation of the architecture

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2. Analyze

Transition and definition of the change process, identification of adoptions

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3. Pilot Transition

Transition process implemented, test and approval criteria define

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4. Workload Transition

Data transition completed, workload-ready for inspection and testing

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5. Validation

All defined and transitioned data inspected and approved, ready for cut-over

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6. Cut-over and go-live

The existing solution is replaced, the universal command is live

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7. Project Closure

Smooth transition accomplished, successful project closure

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