Universal Connector for PeopleSoft Easy integration of PeopleSoft processes and workloads, reliable and secure

Increase the value of your PeopleSoft investment and enter the world of automation, for a seamless integration of your PeopleSoft processes across the entire application automation landscape. Get the most out of your environments through our simple, standardized integration solution, that provides the ability to automate and monitor processes at business process level, eliminating technology silos and increasing IT effectiveness.

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Improve your Operational Quality Immediately, Eliminate Technology Silos and Increase IT Effectiveness Don’t feel locked by your existing job scheduler environment

Oracle's PeopleSoft applications are an important part of your business IT application landscape. They support critical business processes that reach beyond the PeopleSoft environment and touch many other applications in your environment. These applications may be hosted on-premise, in the cloud, or reside in hybrid cloud environments. Stonbranch's Workload Automation Solutions provides a way to automate and monitor processes at the business process level, eliminating technology silos and increasing IT effectiveness.

  • 100% web-based enterprise job scheduling and workload automation solution
  • Complete control: Dashboards, Reporting, Monitoring and Alerting. Increased visibility and audit ability of your business processes.
  • Highly available clustering architecture
  • Secure agent technology including integrated and secure managed file transfer for internal and external usage
  • Easy management of all workloads across the enterprise including graphical process flows and dynamic workload management features.
  • Advanced calendaring and event based automation
  • Manage processes and workflows based on policies to achieve business objectives and improve decision making.
  • Powerful integrations for a seamless implementation

Universal Connector for Peoplesoft Architectural Overview

The Certified Interface to Oracle's PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

With the Universal Connector for PeopleSoft we are providing a certified interface that supports all available PeopleSoft process types. The connector uses the PeopleTools web service API to enable seamless integration with the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

Unique Integration of any Workload Automation Software

Stonebranch delivers a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler integration that uniquely enables any existing job scheduling or workload automation tool to integrate PeopleSoft processes into it's schedules and workflows. Now companies have a choice of vendors for

PeopleSoft integration or can transform their legacy job scheduling to manage the whole enterprise.

Simply install the Universal Connector on a server managed by your existing solution and you are ready to integrate PeopleSoft processes into your schedules, it's that easy.

When used in conjunction with Stonebranch's Universal Automation Center (UAC) customers can take advantage of the most modern and advanced enterprise class workload automation solution, to provide seamless integration of PeopleSoft processes across their entire application automation landscape.


Easily integrate PeopleSoft processes into your schedules

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