Orchestration and Scheduling of heterogenous Docker-based IT Landscapes

Enterprise IT Automation for Docker Scheduling and orchestration of heterogeneous Docker-based IT landscapes

Struggling with multi-platform scheduling challenges and the enablement of end-to-end scheduling and orchestration of your container-based environments, legacy systems and applications? Stonebranch's DevOps concept for Docker-based workload automation solves existing challenges and delivers seamless integration, that allow a centralized management of all job-specific environments, variables and scripts for containers and legacy systems.

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In this video we show you, how we implemented a Docker based workflow for calculating provisions event driven. Whenever orders are available, the calculation will be initiated.

The next step in the process is to send the results to SAP. Learn how this heterogenious environment can be handled with Stonebranch´s Universal Automation Center.

Does your Container-Based DevOps Process Seamlessly Integrate with your Legacy Systems?

Enterprises facing the challenge to seamlessly integrate container-based processes with existing business processes and legacy systems. Providing end-to-end scheduling and orchestration for container-based DevOps processes and legacy systems is still in its early stages. The absence of seamless integrations, that allow a centralized management of all job-specific environments, variables and scripts for containers and legacy systems disables the progress of Docker containers and micro-service architectures. The Stonebranch DevOps concept of centrally managing all job specific environments variables and scripts for containers and legacy systems enables an ideal DevOps approach without any environment-specific settings when deploying.

  • No upfront hardware investment.
    100% web based operations
  • Easy deployment
  • Lifecycle management for easy transferring tested processes or applications from Dev to Ops without manual configurations
  • Central management and control of all processes (containers and legacy systems/applications)
  • Realtime dashboard for end-to end visibility
  • Highly secure and audit-proof

Take a Look at the Key Features

Dashboards, Reporting & Process Control

Realtime dashboard and Web-based control providing an end-to-end view on the entire business process consisting of container based and legacy applications.

Lifecycle Management

Integrated lifecycle management “bundle & promote” allows automatic promotion of new tested processes, packages and applications at a defined date and time from Dev to Ops, without any manual configurations.

Highly Secure & Audit-Proof Processing

Centrally maintain credentials for all used registries (DockerHub, Docker Trusted Registry, Quay.io, etc.) and application connections e.g. Container, SAP and Database connections, script credentials, etc. Achieve PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA compliance requirements.

Central Orchestration & Automation

Manage and automate all job specific environment parameters, credentials and scripts for containers and legacy systems to the highest degree. Enable central orchestration and automation of every business process.

Platform Independent Scheduling

Supports all major platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux,Mac OSX and Unix. Enables microservices scheduling by supporting HTTP, SOAP, REST, JMS and IBM WebSphereMQ (Message Queue).

Central Script Library

Central script library for file transfer, database calls and shell scripts – no need to store scripts in a container image. According a successful execution of new packages or applications the container is removed automatically and processing continues with the next task in the workflow.

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