Leading Insurance Group Ergo relies on Stonebranch Enabling increased efficiency and maximum flexibility for future investment decisions

Don't feel locked into only using the expensive automation technologies from the provider of your job scheduling or workload automation engine. Learn how ITERGO, the central IT service provider for the ERGO insurance group, reduced costs and increased efficiency by switching to Universal Agent and replacing their existing Workload Automation Agent Landscape.

You will most likely save money and break free from the stronghold vendors by switching to Stonebranch. Stonebranch provides a truly universal job scheduling and workload automation technology that can be used with any of the marketed scheduling products, other third-party vendor scheduling products and even homegrown solutions.

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“Universal Agent gives us maximum flexibility, not only in terms of current costs, but also with respect to future investment decisions.”

Stefan Rix, ITERGO

Enterprise Automation that Transforms A universal approach to a more intelligent, agile and secure IT automation landscape

ITERGO, the central IT service provider for the ERGO insurance group, is one of the leading insurers in Germany and Europe. With 1,400 employees, ITERGO supports around 28,000 users in 30 countries around the world. ITERGO operates one of the largest data centers in Germany with a capacity of around 25,000 MIPS, 4,000 server instances, over 1,000 TB of disk storage and approximately 15 million online transactions per day.

ITERGO has relied on a wide variety of IT process automation solutions for many years. Management realized it needed to find suitable alternatives for the existing Workload Automation agents in use in connection with the company’s existing Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) in order to exploit savings potential and increase efficiency in a sustainable way.

By switching to Stonebranch ITERGO was able to simplify the automation of existing IT and business processes in an easy, flexible and innovative way and moreover achieved cost reductions and an improvement of efficiency.

  • One agent for all platforms
  • Automatic and simple SAP scheduling without any additional installation
  • Maximum availability and flexibility
  • Sustainable improvements for release management
  • Significant time savings and elimination of job interruptions
  • Platform-independent deployment and improved availability
  • Tremendous cost savings
  • Quicker response times in the event of failure – Central point of control

A Single Solution for the Enterprise Explore the 4 minute demo video

Universal Automation Center Intelligent automation for the modern data center

A modern, efficient enterprise workload automation solution to the challenges of today's automation. Manage your business processes immediately from any web-enabled device. Universal Automation Center consists of Universal Controller, Universal Agent, Universal Data Mover and Universal Data Mover Gateway. Start the seamless integration now and reduce complexity, minimize errors and vastly improve your ability to access comprehensive visualizations of your data, processes and workflows.

Single solution for the enterprise

Pure web interface

Defined business processes via graphical workflows

Dashboards, reporting and customizations

Clustering for fault tolerance and high availability

Dynamic workload management

Powerful integrations

Integrated role-based security

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Stonebranch Transition Services Replacing your existing tools

Transition services for Stonebranch's Workload Automation, Managed File Transfer and Job Scheduling solutions provide a fast implementation and deployment at an affordable cost all while posing little to no risk to your company.

In fact, we can tell you how long the transition will take, how much it will cost and what resources will be needed to complete the transition. We can easily show you the Return on Automation cost savings that you receive by migrating to our solutions. We also provide you with a detailed road map of the transition process.

Our analysis consists of:

  • An immediate overview on all transition costs
  • No interruption of your running IT production
  • Very low impact on cost, time and personnel

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