German Insurance Company HUK-COBURG relies on Stonebranch Enabling increased efficiency, cost effectiveness and scalability

Learn why HUK-COBURG, Germany’s largest auto insurance company, has relied on innovative data transmission solutions (Managed File Transfer) from Stonebranch for more than 17 years to ensure the availability of decentralized systems, processes and workflows that are both stable and efficient.

Save money and break free from your vendor's stronghold by switching to Stonebranch. Stonebranch provides a truly universal job scheduling and workload automation technology that can be used with any of the marketed scheduling products, other third-party vendor scheduling products, and even homegrown solutions.

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“We were really impressed when we took our first look at Universal Agent during a roadshow. Even today, 17 years later, Universal Agent remains the perfect solution for managing our decentralized IT landscape with TWS, thanks to the seamless integration, speed and scope of features.”

Bernd Hofmann, HUK-COBURG

Enterprise Automation that Transforms A universal approach to a more intelligent, agile and secure IT automation landscape

The German insurance group HUK-COBURG has over 11 million customers and around 10,000 employees, making it Germany’s largest auto insurance company measured by the number of policies. One out of every five cars in Germany is insured by HUK. The company is also the second largest liability and household insurer in Germany.

In 2001, IT managers at HUK-COBURG recognized the challenge presented due to increased complexity and the continuously increasing number of decentralized IT systems processes. They required a permanent, future-proof solution that would simplify their operation and enhance workflows, while includeding a robust, powerful file transfer feature that could be seamlessly integrated in SAP. HUK-COBURG found what it was looking for in Stonebranch, and has been a happy customer for over 17 years.

By switching to Stonebranch, HUK-COBURG was able to use the existing TWS scheduling solution and migrate without major effort. The Universal Agent technology also scored points with its integrated file transfer solution (MFT), because it finally enabled both asynchronous and synchronous data transmissions. Furthermore, Universal Agent seamlessly supported the required integration with SAP, making it possible to manage all of the company’s SAP processes via TWS.

  • Optimum scalability and investment security
  • Powerful and smooth SAP scheduling capabilities
  • Centralized, secure, and traceable managed file transfer
  • Cost effectiveness thanks to flexible, fair pricing model
  • Platform-independent deployment and improved availability
  • Seamless integration of all SAP processes

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