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Easily automate, manage and track complex IT processes across the enterprise from a single platform with best-in-class return on automation

On Premise

Simple Download and Installation

Experience Universal Automation Center's ease of installation, deployment and use

Seamless Integration

Extensive customization and integration capabilities for your IT environment and requirements

Enhanced Functionality

Benefit from enhanced functionality such as scheduling SAP, Hadoop and z/OS

Personal Support

Engage with Stonebranch's customer support to receive assistance during the evaluation phase

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Quick Access without Installation

Get immediate access to your Universal Automation Center instance through your web browser

Fast and Secure

Make use of Stonebranch's powerful and secure Universal Controller delivered as a service from the Cloud

Preconfigured Environment

Ready-to-use solution including one Universal Controller and two Universal Agents (Windows and Linux)

Community and Resources

Explore Stonebranch's resources including video tutorials, webinars, online documentation and an active community

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