Universal Controller as a Service – Cloud Orchestration and Automation Platform The Ultimate Enterprise Job Scheduler and Automation Broker in the cloud.

Start Immediately automating your business processes using a pre-configured secure High Available Cloud scheduling environment tailored to your individual needs. With CO/AP in the Cloud you are ready to schedule any application on any platform from anywhere using a single 100% web-based interface.

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Use Cases and Workflows See how Universal Controller can automate different businesses

Universal Controller applies emerging technology to the challenges of today's automation. This seamless integration reduces complexity, minimizes errors and vastly improves your ability to access comprehensive visualizations of your data and workflows.


Orchestrate your DevOps tools such as Jenkins and Docker, or use the built-in Bundle & Promote feature to accelerate your software development life cycle and enable continuous delivery.

Big Data

Get the most out of your environments through our simple and standardized integration solution that provides the ability to automate and orchestrate your big data processes. Increase the value of your big data investment and enter the world of automation with end-to-end visibility and maximum performance.


Stonebranch provides agile, innovative and cost-effective automation integration solutions that enhance your business-critical ERP processes and workflows. Immediatly increase the value of your ERP ecosystem, such as SAP or Peoplesoft, with a solution that´s easy to use, reliable and secure.

Data Automation

Orchestrate heterogeneous environments with mixed workloads with minimal manual intervention and optimize infrastructure utilization. Include containers in the workflow to run multiple workloads on the same machine to optimize utilization even further.

Commerce & Digital Transformation

Enable digital transformation by connecting your isolated applications and solutions with a unified and highly secure orchestration platform, that provides the foundation for a successful IT Automation – one application at a time.

Audit & Compliance

Strengthen your organization's security and fortify your IT environment by automating security processes and workflows. Provide auditors with reports and audit trails to demonstrate compliance with confidence.

Take a Look at the Key Features

Dashboards, Reporting & Customizations

The pure web interface gives you complete flexibility in defining custom home pages for each user.

Clustering for Fault Tolerance & High Availability

Beyond simplistic high availability, system administrators can set up clusters of two or more nodes.

Integrated Role-Based Security

Access permissions can be assigned at extremely granular levels, down to a specific task or groups of tasks.

Business View Alignment

Universal Controller includes a built-in configuration management database (CMDB) that automatically discovers the topology of your enterprise.

Manage Dynamic Workload

Universal Controller provides hooks into operating system performance that allow administrators to load balance based in real-time 

Powerful Integrations

The Universal Controller is deeply integrated with the operating systems where it runs - z/OS, Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

Universal Controller Intelligent automation for the modern data center

Universal Controller applies emerging technology to the challenges of today's automation. This seamless integration reduces complexity, minimizes errors and vastly improves your ability to access comprehensive visualizations of your data and workflows.

Single solution for the enterprise

Pure web interface

Defined business processes via graphical workflows

Dashboards, reporting and customizations

Clustering for fault tolerance and high availability

Dynamic workload management

Powerful integrations

Integrated role-based security

Intuitive Interface for your Workflows

Universal Controller Cloud Architecture


Universal Controller as a Service is available for instant testing with a free trial. You get access to the Universal Controller and two Universal Agents running on a Linux virtual machine and a Windows virtual machine. Furthermore you can also automate a Docker container within the free trial environment.

Registering for Universal Controller as a Service Starter or Business instantly enables you to run your virtual machines in the Amazon Cloud, the Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure. With this SaaS offering you can automate local on premise servers, including mainframes run by z/OS, Unix or AIX.

Get your Pre-release Offer*

Our pricing model is based on your volume of jobs. The most popular model is our Business Model.

*Pricing subject to change after full release

Small Teams
Growing Teams
Medium Business Unit
Large Unit
$ 100
Yearly Subscription
$ 600
Yearly Subscription
Upon Request
Upon Request
Up to 100 Jobs per Month
Up to 1000 Jobs per Month
Up to 10000 Jobs per Month
Over 10000 Jobs per Month
Features & Values
  • Central Script Library
  • Central Job & Agent Monitoring
  • Windows, Linux
  • Bundle and Promote
Features & Values
  • Starter+
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • 5x8 Standard Support
  • Unix
Features & Values
  • Business+
  • SAP & PeopleSoft Connector
  • 24 x 7 Gold Support
Features & Values
  • Enterprise+
  • Prod/Dev/Test
  • Mainframe
  • iSeries
No Additional Fee
0,19 $ / Job
Upon Request
Upon Request
Community Support
Standard Support
Premium Support
Premium Support
Jobs per Month included
> 10000
Workflows per Month included
Central Script Library
Central Job & Agent Monitoring
Supported OS's
Windows, Linux
Windows, Linux, Unix
Windows, Linux, Unix
Windows, Linux, Unix, z/OS, iSeries
Server Location/Hosting
On-premises, AWS
On-premises, AWS, Azure, Google
On-premises, AWS, Azure, Google
On-premises, AWS, Azure, Google
Bundle & Promote
Sanctioned Services/Applications
SAP, PeopleSoft
SAP, PeopleSoft
Stonebranch Support
8 x 5
24 x 7
24 x 7

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