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BMC Control-M Replacement

Are you ready for a BMC Control-M alternative?  Stonebranch is an enterprise-grade orchestration and automation platform that manages workloads both on-premises and in the cloud - all from a single command-center style solution.

BMC Control-M is a long-time player in the workload automation market. But the market's needs have shifted. As such, what enterprises need to automate and orchestrate has changed. When enterprises reach this point, they're often looking for a Control-M alternative that operates as seamlessly in the cloud as it does on the mainframe. That is where Stonebranch comes in. 

Gartner recognizes the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) as a Service Orchestration and Automation Platform (SOAP), a category born from traditional on-premises workload automation. Available either on-premises or as a SaaS offering, enterprises use the UAC to bridge the automation gap across their entire hybrid IT automation environment - from a single, modern, and mature platform. 

Advantages of Universal Automation Center

Tools configuration icon outline blue representing Less Configuration Effort as part of Replacing BMC Control-M

Same Platform - SaaS or On-Prem Deployment

Deploy the UAC on-premises or via a SaaS-based model. Unlike Control-M and its SaaS-based cousin, Helix Control-M, the UAC has the same full functionality, integrations, and capabilities regardless of where it's deployed.

checked window icon blue outline respresenting increased Accessibility as part of Replacing BMC Control-M

Around-the-Clock Operations

Need real-time automation for around-the-clock operations? A modern event-based approach removed the need for the traditional daily plan batch jobs found in other tools. Serve internal stakeholders and external customers in real time without a needless pause in your operation.

Shield icon check outline blue representing increased Security included in Replacing BMC Control-M

Top Ranked by Analysts

Recognized by Gartner, IDC, EMA, and others, the UAC is ranked as a top IT automation and orchestration solution among industry analysts. 

shuffle icon blue outline representing Change Management capability of Replacing BMC Control-M

Self-Service Automation

With a focus on ease of use, empower your workforce with self-service portals, access to automation via communication tools like Teams and Slack, or directly from the development IDE of their choice with jobs-as-code. 

chart icon paper outline blue representing Effective Reporting as part of Replacing BMC Control-M

Reports and Business Intelligence

Access visual dashboards and drill-down reports designed to enable real-time guidance, SLA monitoring, and updates on your entire operation. Root-cause issues and find solutions faster than ever.

gear icon outline blue representing Maintenance included in Replacing BMC Control-M with stonebranch products

Easy Installation and Simple Upgrades

Install or upgrade your system with minimal effort. Go from weeks to hours. Seriously, new customers that replaced behemoth on-premises platforms with the UAC are stunned.... in a good way.

Stonebranch’s automation solution has many benefits, but the most important factor in our decision to switch was how dramatically it lowered our support costs. The user base can now manage their requests independently and this allows our engineers to focus on improvements to our core product and the development of net new features and applications. Stonebranch frees up our skills and time.

Michael Bayha, Senior Systems Engineer, Expedia Group

Expedia Group Using Automation to Drive Digital Business

Expedia Groups' historic workload automation tool was built upon an outdated platform with an outdated licensing scheme. Additionally, its solution relied on a cumbersome thick client for self-service. 

In order to remain a leader in the competitive travel technology industry, Expedia Group needed a modern, scalable, and secure automation solution - that was ready for the cloud

Stonebranch Universal Automation Center was selected over other IT Automation vendors for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is UAC's ease of use and self-service capabilities. 

Expedia was impressed with UAC's ability to empower access via a web browser for users across the globe. In other words, no thick client was required. 

Expedia was also interested in UAC's integration capabilities, which enabled them to expedite many of their automation and maintenance scenarios. Expedia Group was able to connect to and automate all of the third party tools that they had in their technology stack. 

Furthermore, Expedia Group learned that upgrading UAC was seamless and simple. Migrating from Expedia Group's former workload automation software to Stonebranch's UAC went extremely well. Expedia Group was able to manage 90% of the transition in-house. 

As a result:

With less time spent on operational work, end-users are now able to focus their efforts on developing and deploying additional tools, platforms, and features that enhance their competitive advantage. 

Additionally, onboarding times for new end-users have been reduced from one week to one day, and automated tasks require 50% less effort.

Ultimatly, Stonebranch helps Expedia Group save time and increase productivity.

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Transition Roadmap - The Seven Steps

1. Initiate and Setup

Project definition and implementation of the architecture

2. Analyze

Transition and definition of the change process, identification of adoptions

3. Pilot Transition

Transition process implemented, test and approval criteria define

4. Workload Transition

Data transition completed, workload-ready for inspection and testing

5. Validation

All defined and transitioned data inspected and approved, ready for cut-over

6. Cut-over and go-live

The existing solution is replaced, the universal command is live

7. Project Closure

Smooth transition accomplished, successful project closure

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