Thank you for joining our Innovation Europe 2017 at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands in Amsterdam

We really appriciated your attendance

Please find all presentations as PDF below. Many thanks again to all presenters for the excellent support.

Presentations Day 1

Download presentations from Innovation Europe in PDF below.

Accelerate your business.

Dr. Detlef Purschke

Focus on Customer Needs

Rigas Paschaloudis & Sebatiano Mion

Product Updates

Colin Cocksedge

Enterprise Automation that Transforms

Helmut Dahmen & Jos Hooft

Introducing Docker, DevOps and Cloud

Nils Buer

Customer Presentation Media Group

Douglas Perseghetti

Customer Presentation Van Lanschot

Jeroen Gerretschen

Presentations Day 2

Download presentations from Innovation Europe in PDF below.

Keynote: Bridging the Digitalization Gaps

Volker Visser

Stonebranch Technology Roadmap

Dr. Gregor Heinrich

The 4 Steps of Xpress Conversion Tool

Nils Buer, Helmut Dahmen, Jos Hooft

Customer Presentation KBC

Siegfried Verbruggen & Frank Goubert

Self-service app integration

Nils Buer & Helmut Dahmen

Efficient Customer Support. Updates, New Portal & more

Leon Stamm

Stonebranch Contact

Thorsten Mueller is available to answer any questions and can be reached at +49 6172 855-3874