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I thought spam filters and firewalls protected my company's data but recently, I've heard they aren't enough to safeguard my confidential messages and large files.

Is there an alternative to email or FTP for easily and securely sending sensitive company information?

Technical Executives

I need to eliminate data breach risk and ensure my company is compliant with federal and corporate mandates.

Is there a secure messaging and data exchange solution that is so easy that our employees will be willing to use it?

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Go buitton for Scribbos Ondemand
Go buitton for Scribbos Ondemand

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Introducing the Scribbos Outlook Plug-in!

With Scribbos Outlook Plug-in, you can send confidential messages and large files securely straight from Microsoft Outlook®. It's as easy as using email, but unlike email you can send files up to 250MB.

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Secure Business Communications

In today's business world, it's not uncommon to send emails, text messages or documents to colleagues, business partners and clients before you even enter the office. With the increasing popularity and use of mobile devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry, you can even do business while you're sitting in a meeting, out to lunch, from the field or even at your child's school production of Romeo & Juliet.

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Why using Scribbos is better than:

  • Email
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Scribbers (n)
Users that send messages and files through Scribbos.

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Scribbos enables you to transfer confidential, sensitive or proprietary information without worrying about data breaches or your information being compromised. Scribbos, a secure business communications solution transfers large files securely anywhere to anyone. Email and FTP solutions are no longer viable methods of secure transfer given the number of mandatory regulations set at the local, federal and international level. While seemingly free and the most readily available options, email and FTP can cost your business a great deal if a data breach occurs. How do you put a price on your business reputation?

Scribbos goes beyond insecure methods of file transfer such as email and FTP and other file transfer download solutions by providing security and compliance to government mandates such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, Basel II and other industry regulations that are becoming increasingly strict. Additionally, Scribbos provides full auditing and reporting functionality, minimizing work associated with the completion of time-consuming and costly audits.

You can transfer large files securely both internally to colleagues and externally to clients and business partners. Moreover, you gain greater visibility and control of your information.

Transfer Large Email Files Securely


Ever had difficulty sending a large email file or attachment containing confidential information that had a time-critical deadline? You are usually left scrabbling for expensive and inconvenient solutions such as courier services or expedited shipping methods. Due to email file size limitations, you may decide FTP is the best answer. While FTP and other file transfer download solutions allow large files to be transferred, it is completely insecure.

How do you avoid expensive, time-consuming methods of information and file transfer while ensuring security? Scribbos enables you to send large files now that are too big or sensitive to send via email. Whether the large email file needs to be sent to another office, a fellow employee, a customer or a business partner, Scribbos provides the bandwidth to transfer large files securely and instantly. With Scribbos, you can send contracts, blueprints, architectural plans, x-rays, graphic design elements and other files instantly and with confidence.

Sending a large file to a client, partner or colleague is easy and fast, increasing your productivity and satisfying clients and partners. Gain the competitive advantage over other businesses with Scribbos. No more missed deadlines, delayed packages or confusing FTP instructions.

Large File Transfer Software


Many file transfer download solutions require extensive training or a good understanding of the technology deployed. Scribbos does the work for you. If you have ever used an email application, you can start sending large files securely with Scribbos immediately. Unlike FTP and other file transfer download solutions, there are no confusing instructions or technology training requirements to get started.

Its simple and easy-to-understand interface mirrors your standard email application. No long ramp-up time, no extensive training; just type your confidential email message or attach your file and click send. No need to call IT or stop what you’re doing for assistance. It’s that easy to use, now!

The result? Increased employee productivity, decreased help desk calls and happy customers. Not to mention, peace of mind.

Send Large Email Files